Self Storage in Leicester, Coventry & Castle Donington

Payments for any product we rent or sell are taken in advance from your payment method (debitor credit card) automatically, either monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or 12 monthly, depending on the subscription you decided to take when you made your booking. Also you can be charged for making a mess in any of our locations, leaving rubbish or vehicles unattended or other things that inhibit the use of our locations for other customers.

Should your payment method fail, then we will continue to try and charge your payment method every day and you will receive emails informing you of the failed payments.

In exteme cases we allow you to pay by BACS, however, this is a chargable service and we only use this type of payment in extreme cases by agreement.

Please immediately fix overdue payment issues to save further action.

You can change or update your payment method simply by logging onto your account on our website and go to payment methods. We have also created this easy to follow guide, simply click here to download it.

Alternatively, call us and discuss the problem immediately to see if we can help you on telephone number 01163 409940, or emails us at

What happens if you have an overdue payment?

Unfortunately there are serious consequenses if you do not pay your bill or fail to talk to us about the problem.

After notifying you several times that you have failed to pay us, we will then restrict access to your Container, Storage Unit, Warehouse or Office.

We will apply extra charges to your account for everything we have to do to get you to pay until your bills are up to date. We will not allow you to enter your rental until all outstanding charges are paid.

In extreme circumstances, we reserve the right to dispose the contents of your rental charging you for this. You have agreed to the terms in our licence with you, which means we own your property in your rental if you do not pay your bills, you can find a copy of the licence in your documents when you log into ‘my account. on our website, and you recieved a copy of this licence by email when you first subscribed to renting from us.

Please note, we reserve the right to clear the contents of your container, unit, office or warehouse without notice if payment is 30 days overdue or more.

Our Charges (updated 10.4.2024)

Charge (excluding VAT)Notes
New ‘Lock Box’ Lock and two keys, or new keys for an existing lock£25.00This charge is for a new padlock suitable to fit under the steel welded lockbox on a container and is provided with two new keys.
This fee also applies for two new keys to an existing lock we have provided.
Over locking and unlocking £38.00This charge is applied every time we have to send someone to physically overlock or unlock your container, unit or office to restrict your access due to none payment.
Correspondence£28.00Our systems will automatically try to re-charge your payment method for two weeks after a payment fails. We do not charge you for this service.
However, we do charge for all correspondence each time we have to chase you manually. This charge is for every manual email or letter we have to create to recover our debt.
Texts and calls£6.00If we have to persistently text and call you about none payment of debt we will apply this charge.
to £3,000.00
+ 10%
Should you not pay your bill for over one month we will clear your container, unit or office. We will charge you the cost of the clearance. We employ 3rd party clearance companies who do this work on our behalf and we will charge you for the work they do plus 10% managment fee to cover our time.
Our minimum charge for this service is £200 + 10%
Payments by BACS (Bank transfer), Cash or Cheque£22.00We do not usually allow these type of payments as they cause us additional work.
If we agree to any of these methods of payment we charge £22 per payment to cover our costs.
Late Payment fee£38.00We will charge this every month that a payment remains overdue
Legal FeesVariesWe use solicitors to chase oustanding debts, they charge between £120 and £400 per hour for thier work. These fees will be charged to you at cost.
Court and Debt Collection (Bailiffs) feesVariesWe may have to pay court fees or 3rd party debt collection companies. These fees will be charged to you at cost and can be extremely expensive.
We charge a fee of £120 to administer court applications we make ourselves or through our solicitors.
Parking Charges£8 per day
plus removal fees
Unaccompanied parking is NOT allowed on any of our locations. We charge £8 per day to park unauthorised and the vehicle will be removed at cost
All charges are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.