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We can help you with basic advice at the beginning of your journey, or help every step of the way!

4 things you will need to consider…

1. Find Some Land!

Aquire or rent some land that is appropriate for self storage!

You will need to make sure the land is appropriate for its use, you will need to understand where the land should be and most importantly that you can make a profit from it.

We can help you with all of these points easily, and an help you put together your business plan identifying all the costs.

2. Buy some containers!

Next you need to make sure the land has the correct services, secure it appropriately and then get the right mix of containers delivered to site.

Again, all these things are easy with experience and knowledge. We can put you in touch with all the suppliers you will need to get your site up and running!

3. Operate your new storage facility!

The real trick to a storage business is operating your facility correctly to make it easy for you and your customers!

Profit is very important, but without everything your customers will need, you will waste time, effort and money.

Let us advise you, to make every expense turn a profit!

4. Website, Customer Service, Advertising

You will need to consider other things once you are up and running.

You will need a robust website, a payment gateway with different payment methods, google reviews, advertising etc.

This is where we can really help you make your business run smoothly. Showing you the best way to get your storage yard full.


We (Nick & Anglea Beavon) operated several large e-commerce and mail order companies for 22 years. We built a multi national business ( with operations in the UK, Ireland and Dubai, employing over 100 staff.

In 2019, we sold our business in search of an easier life. The day to day fun of operating our mail order business had gone and the issues of staff managment had become frustrating.

We decided we enjoyed being self employed, and still wanted to work, however we just wanted a business that we could run ourselves, maximising income, but minimising effort and staffing. Our solution was Grey Box Self Storage!

We started in 2020. With an old car park in Castle Donington. It was so succesfull we built a bespoke website and opened up in Leicester within the year. We now have Coventry opening in April 2024 and Northampton and a second site in Leicester by the end of the year!

We have time for 12 weeks holiday a year and attend to the business 3 days a week. Our income is as high as it was running our £18m turnover mail order business and life is good!

Nick looks after the day to day operations, sales and marketing, whilst Ange (a qualified accountant) looks after the technical side of the business and accounts.

We soon realised that many people where calling our storage business to ask how they could do it themselves! Customers are always amazed that our storage facilities have over 95% occupancy rates and feel they would like to try it… so, at the beginning of last year we decided to offer consultancy to anyone who would like to take advantage of our experience.


We offer a very simple package of consultancy as follows and you can use us at any stage of your jouney:

Start up Consutancy dayAimed at those who don’t know anything about setting up a self-storage business, or have a plot of land and feel self-storage is a good idea and need to understand more.

We will cover every aspect of the business in a 6 hour session (30 minute lunch break)

We can bespoke the day to your needs, but in general we can cover the following on the day:
– Land requirements. planning permission, site facilities, security, locality to a conurbation, surfacing and fencing
– Business plan basics. An outline plan, what to consider and how to plan to make a profit
– Set up. Buying your shipping containers, what type you need and hpow many, financing containers if required, signage, health & safety, employees (if required), insurances, customer contracts, additional services such as WI-FI, electricity etc, security cameras, flood lighting, other considerations.
– Operations. How to operate your new self-storage yard, man hours required, likley operational issues, practicalities, site opening hours
– Customer Service. Software, payment methods, website, accounts, refunds, google reviews, advertising, customer care and upselling.

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6 Hours including lunch

Book exclusively for
£1,200 + VAT
jointly with other for £400 + VAT

Maximum of 6 people

At our Leicester Offices
Adhoc consultancyFor those who want to upgrade their exisiting self-storage business, or need help with any aspect of their business.

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£300 / hour £1,200 / day + VAT

Plus expenses at cost
Project ManagmentWe can run your project from beginning to end, or any part in between.

We will quote for this on an individual basis, and our hourly rates are vastly reduced for more than 5 days work.

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£650 / day + VAT

Plus expenses at cost
More than 5 days work